fehse® aluminum guitars - full of Innovations

Unconventional concept, fresh design, innovative detailed solutions and, last but not least, precision work and impeccable workmanship. "

Gitarre & Bass 10/2020

There are many challenges to master during the construction process. From the beginning, our goal was to create a well thought-out instrument - the focus always on the musician. This resulted in many constructive innovations and structures that are responsible for the unique sound.

We are continuously developing our instruments. That is the reason why you experience an instrument of absolute top quality at all times.







To reduce weight, the neck is hollow on the inside and a truss rod is not required. Due to the internal structure, the neck is adjusted to a perfect neck curve by the string tension.




The nut acts as a long support surface with minimal friction, enabling an amazing transmission of the strings' vibrations. The string is held exactly in the slot by a push-through mechanism and no string retainer is required. The nut is designed for 10 - 49 strings and can easily be changed for other gauges. If you prefer the action to be a little higher, the saddle is easily raised to a higher level by an adapter piece.




The bridge is made entirely of aluminum. The vibrations are transmitted via two perfectly fitting stainless steel bolts. Changing the fixed bridge is just as easy as tuning the guitar: the bridge is pulled off the bolts and the floating vibrato system which fits firmly on the existing bolts is put on - no additional work is necessary!






You like your pickups and just want to try something different but all the steps involved in changing them annoy you? With our easily replaceable front panel you can switch the setup (and - if you want - the look as well) quickly and easily. Go from single coils to P90s or humbuckers and back in minutes. Leave the compromises behind.