The RACER model is a hollow body and hollow neck electric guitar with a curved top and back. The body is milled with the highest precision. This high precision combined with a material that resonates extremely well guarantees a very pure and long-lasting tone.


The curve of the top gives the arm a perfect angle to optimally reach the strings. The curve on the back provides a very comfortable contour for the guitarist's body. The neck flows seamlessly into the body and represents a perfect transition. Pickups from the best manufacturers like Häussel, Kloppmann or Lace represent the art of craftsmanship in the pickup area like hardly anything else. Whether it is our self-designed fixed bridge or our sting-thorugh nut - every single innovation will always perfectly reflect the guitarist's playing style.


Discover the Fehse® hollow neck. Our lightweight structure not only offers the robust durability of aluminum, but also a key advantage:

Since less material is used, the existing mass heats up significantly faster and the air contained in the hollow profile acts as a moderator to ensure that the material warms up faster for the hand. This ensures significantly greater tuning stability.

The brass nut is milled out exactly half-round for each string. The nut is also longer than usual. This offers the string a significantly larger surface area on which it can slide and reduces the risk of the string "working into" the nut. In addition, this design means that no string tree or other additional components are required despite a straight head plate.

The bridge is also a specially designed component. Due to a balanced ratio of mass to absorb the string vibration to the bridge's own weight, this component is a key point of the unique vibration behavior.

Particularly interesting: The bridge can be exchanged for a headless bridge with tuners or for a vibrato system also designed by us - without having to drill a single hole.

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Innovative aluminum structure. Long sustain, quick attack and first-class quality.


Type: Hollowbody electric guitar

Body: Aluminum

Neck and fingerboard: rough Aluminum

Inlays: Brass Dot srews

Scale: 635 mm (25 ")

Mechanics: Ktar open tuners 1:18 with custom buttons

Pickups: Humbucker, Singlecoil or P90

Frets: 22 / Slim Jumbo

Fingerboard: 10 "

Neck Shape: Fehse® Modern or Fehse® Smooth

Bridge: Fehse® Aluminum custom bridge

Nut: Fehse® sting-through brass nut with extended support

Electronics: Passive

Weight: 2,9 kg

Surface of the body: Powder coating or rough

Surface neck: rough aluminum

Accessories: Case